Shaping a CO2 free Future with green Hydrogen

Forward Thinking Business Development

Forward Thinking Business
Development and Product Design

We are a technically highly qualified yet practical consulting and business development company with the vision to create a CO2-free future.

To create a CO2-free future, it is important to quickly develop suitable production sites and make technologies financially compatible, e.g. through standardization and automation. Always in compliance with the highest safety standards.

The technical and financial development of electrolyzers and green hydrogen production sites is our contribution to the development of the hydrogen economy.

Our core competencies are the identification, evaluation and development of sites for the production of green hydrogen and the design optimization of electrolyzers regarding their production and assembly.



Location Identification and Evaluation

Product Design and Technical Development

By Using Hydrogen,

We can unite contrasts

and increase benefits

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Breitbach, part of the Energy Revolution.

Clean energy meets industrial manufacturing, sustainability meets efficiency.

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